Boxer Rescue Quebec is a small group of volunteers dedicated saving and re-home boxers in need.  Since we were founded in 2003, we have rescued hundreds of boxers from Quebec's shelters.  Want to learn more?  See our available dogs, or learn about how you can make a difference by fostering a Boxer or donating to Boxer Rescue Quebec.
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BRQ thanks Amy Grauer Photography! 

  We are very excited to announce that starting very soon, BRQ will have professional photos of all our adoptable boxers! 

Photographer and mom to two boxers, Amy Grauer, has generously offered to help us by donating her time and talent to snap shots of our gorgeous pooches.

Please check out Amy's website and "like" her Facebook page here 

Thanks Amy :0)

Urgent - Buddy is looking for a long term foster home ASAP 

Buddy is a great dog and needs your help - you see we have recently found out that the poor boy has arthritis in his spine. The good news is that he is able to be kept pain free on medication and live a normal boxer life. He will need to stay on a low dose of cortisone to remain comfortable and happy. Boxer Rescue Quebec is able to supply his cortisone and cover the medical care for his condition for the rest of his life - but what Buddy really needs is a home with a family to care for him.

Buddy is a gorgeous, very large, fawn and white apprx 6-7yr old boxer boy who was found as a stray. He is really stunning and everywhere he goes, his foster parents get compliments on how good looking he is. He has a playful and happy disposition, is very affectionate, clean in the house and can stay home alone during a full work day with no problems. He would like to be an only dog, and needs training not to chase cats.

If you think that you'd be interested in being a foster home for Buddy, please contact us or fill out our online adoption application here. If you are unable to care for Buddy yourself, please forward this email to friends and family.

Thanks for reading! Buddy says "Woof"!

Boxer Rescue Quebec

Freddy is still searching for the perfect forever family! 

Freddy is a gorgeous white, deaf boxer boy who is just over 2 years old.  Freddy was abandoned at the SPCA when his owner had a change in work schedule which they felt would leave him alone too many hours a day.  Despite this, Freddy seems to have been well cared for.


He knows some basic commands by hand signals, such as “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “paw”.  Freddy needs to be in a home with owners who are experienced in dog behavior and training.  The home also needs to have a very securely fenced in yard.    Freddy will always need to be on-leash in unsecure areas and because of his deafness and lack of hearing other dog communication, will not be able to go to dog parks.


Update March 2011

He is currently being fostered in a home with two other laid back boxer boys, Buddy and Gus, where he has been since November.  Buddy is just over 3 years old and Gus is the senior in the family.   The first week with Freddy was the toughest.  The poor guy was so confused and frightened, not knowing where he was, he had a hard time settling.  We didn’t let him mix with the boys until some intro exercises were done and until they were comfortable around each other.  This was about a 6 week process.  Now Freddy sleeps on Gus and jumps and plays with Buddy.


Freddy gets along with some dogs, but doesn’t meet dogs well.  He is so eager and excited to be friends, but his dog body language is not in tune with hearing dogs.  It would be nice for him to find a forever home with a companion but it would have to be a very non-reactive, laid back friend.


Freddy loves people, and loves to play.  If he gets overexcited he may nip a little. This has been corrected in his foster home, and the new home would need to follow the same steps.  He craves touching people or one of the guys.  Loves to cuddle and pushes hard up against you for security.  Freddy showed signs of potential “resource guarding”, which was corrected in the foster home, and again, the new home would need to follow the same steps.


Outside of the secure home environment, Freddy gets over focused and over excited, which makes him difficult to walk.  He becomes very visual and something as simple as a leaf blowing down the road will grab his attention and he wants to chase it, catch it and play with it.  Hang on!  Outside of the home, the big challenge is getting his attention.


Freddy is crated in his own large crate, beside Buddy and Gus, in their own “dog room” when we are at work.  We have a process we do every time we leave, that is consistent, and Freddy realizes now that means we will be gone and he settles.   Remember, he is deaf and once we leave that room, he doesn’t hear the front door close, like Buddy and Gus have heard 100 times before.  


Freddy is food motivated and with a proper training program, lots of time, patience and love, and most importantly consistency, he could be a loving member of your family.  Exercises have been set up for the foster home to work on.  Meeting other dogs and learning to walk was a work in progress that has been delayed due to weather and other commitments.




If you are interested in fostering Freddy please click here. If you are interested in adopting Freddy please click here.


Help save a boxer!

Sadly, many wonderful boxer dogs are abandoned in Quebec every year.  Save a life by adopting from Boxer Rescue Quebec.  To learn more, visit our adoption page.

*We are in urgent need of foster homes*.  
Foster homes make Boxer Rescue Quebec possible.  All our boxers are kept in the home of volunteers.   We provide all the necessary supplies and a crate.  You supply the love, care, and enthusiasm.  Learn more on our fostering page.

Unfortunately, many of our rescues come to us with serious (and expensive) health issues.  Help us help them by making a donation of any amount to Boxer Rescue Quebec.  100% of your donations will go to paying for the care of our foster dogs.  Visit our donate page to make your tax-deductible donation online.

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