Boxer Rescue Quebec is a small group of volunteers dedicated saving and re-home boxers in need.  Since we were founded in 2003, we have rescued hundreds of boxers from Quebec's shelters.  Want to learn more?  See our available dogs, or learn about how you can make a difference by fostering a Boxer or donating to Boxer Rescue Quebec.
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Boxer Rescue Quebec News

Chaya - courtesy listing 

‘Chaya.’ Courtesy Listing - please contact Chaya's owner if interested: 

Sandie Wand

Chaya is a 3 yr old fawn female (spayed) boxer. She is a very small boxer, only around 40 lbs. She is very friendly. I adopted her 1.5 yrs ago because she needed a home asap - I was her 5th home in less than 1 year. She is originally a puppy mill dog, bought in pet store, then put in boarding at the age of 8 months, and the owners did not come back for her. 

She does well with soft, positive training techniques, treats and patience. Once she knows something, she knows it! She looooves her ball! 

She is an anxious dog, nervous of strangers at first, but if she is given the chance to smell them, then she is ok, and once she knows you...all bets are off! She will lick you to death! If you are home with her: no house soiling. When not there: she can hold it up to 4 -6 hours and stays in her crate. When home with her, she’ll ask for the door when she needs to go. 

Chaya has a sensitive tummy, I currently feed her Acana, also had her on Eagle Pack and she did very well. She has done very well on a good balanced raw diet.

She would do best in a home with no dogs or a small-med quiet dog that respects her space. Because of her anxiousness, she does best with calm and social dogs. I have 3 cats at home and she is ok with them.

She sleeps with me, and can’t be cuddled enough!!! She will move with me to make sure she is always cuddled. She NEEDS human contact, and lots of it!

With humans she does not protect food or anything, but does protect her food from other dogs. So I feed my dogs separately. I can prepare the food and have them both sitting right next to each other, I can give them treats one next to each other. She doesn’t protect toys, bowls, beds.

A loving tribute to Wilbur 

Boxer Rescue Quebec would like to send our sincere condolences to Nigel and Patty Dawson and family for their loss of Wilbur, a BRQ adoptee and a much loved family member. He could not have had a better family! Here is a tribute that they wrote for him:
"We will always remember the first day of Wilbur arriving at our house in July 2010 and our 4 year old daughter running off crying because she was scared of the new addition to the family, Wilbur. It took Wilbur less than a day to convince her he was going to be her best friend, as he also has been to us all. Every day he has been ours and the girls friend, playmate, protector and loyal companion.
I will never forget the girls squeals of laughter as he played with them in the garden, his eyes moving back and forth on walks checking where the girls were and the people he didnt know, stretching out in the lounge with one of us as we relaxed and watched TV, his reluctance to go for a walk in the rain and how he hated getting wet, futile attempts to chase squirrels, his tolerance for energy infused (and sometime irritating to him) small dogs, his suspiscion of larger dogs (unless they were female), his fake mean posturing in front of cats but most of all, his unconditional love for all the family.
Unfortunately Wilbur was diagnosed with a tumour on his heart in early March and was given approximate 2-4 weeks to live but together with the help of Joanne from BRQ, we made sure he enjoyed his last few weeks with us as much as he could. On April 10th 2013, sadly Wilbur passed away with his human mum comforting him.
We will all miss him so much
Nigel, Patty, Bianca, Ana Lucia and Alexandra"

Little Ralphie and BRQ in need of foster homes 

This is little Ralphie. We got an urgent message on Thursday that he needed to be rescued from a high kill pound ASAP or else he would be put to sleep in a gas chamber. We are so lucky that one of our volunteers was available to rush to the
 pound to save him and that he was able to be placed in a foster home right away. 

The only reason this worked out for Ralphie is that we had the resources - volunteers and an available foster - to save him. Otherwise this sweet soul would not be safe with us today. Boxer Rescue Quebec is in urgent need of more foster homes that are capable and willing to take in boxers at a moment's notice. Currently all of our foster homes are full and we do not want to turn away another Ralphie. 

Learn more about fostering here

Tribute to Kashmir 

Last Friday, February 15th, a dear friend, volunteer and foster mom had to say goodbye to her best friend and first boxer, Kashmir. She has asked us to post this tribute in Kashmir's memory. Rest in peace darling Kash! Our thoughts are with our friend during this difficult time.

As I sit here typing, it’s 3am and it dawns on me that this is the first time I’ve ever lost sleep over anything.  It’s been two days since you crossed the bridge and quite frankly, I don’t know how to live without you, my darling baby girl.  I am shattered and I am not sure I will be able to put the pieces of my heart back together.  Your brother Kramer misses you, and so does your foster brother, even after only having known you for three short weeks.  That’s how amazing you were.  Everyone loved you.  I fell in love with you after meeting you for the first time, when you were just a baby, almost nine years ago.  How I wish I could have nine more.  How I wish I could have a lifetime with you.   You were the light of my life, my trusty companion and every moment good or bad was shared with you.  That’s why I say, I don’t know how to live without you…

When we found your illness at Christmas, I thought I was going to lose you right away, or perhaps have to help you cross the bridge.  I cried and stayed at your side for hours on end, just holding you and sleeping beside you.  I had always feared the day I would lose you and never thought it would be so soon.  But then a miracle happened and we managed to treat you, and you gave me nearly two gloriously happy months where you were just like a puppy again, so happy and carefree.  Full-blow, uninterrupted, crazy, goofy 100% Kashmir through and through.  My little girl reborn!  And I cherished every minute with you because I somehow always knew you were on borrowed time from that point on, it was just too good to be true.  When I brought you to the vet on Valentine’s day after you had your first seizure since starting the treatments, they told me they would have to keep you overnight to make sure you were ok.  You loved that vet’s office and the staff so much, and they loved you too…  because of that I wasn’t worried about leaving you in their care and thought I would be picking you up the next day.  We all thought this was just a little bump in the road.  If I would’ve known you would be breathing your last breath the next morning my pretty girl I would’ve slept beside you in the cage.  I am so sorry that I wasn’t by your side when you crossed the bridge.  I did everything I could to help you, I would have sold the house and car if money could have saved you but you must’ve been too good for this earth and your time had come.  I know you went gently and were not suffering, and I hope you can forgive me for not being with you at that time.  Please know that I was thinking of you, that I am always thinking of you, that you are in my heart always and I love you every minute of every day and I will continue to do so forever.  I have never felt as broken or empty as I do now, my heart will be forever scarred.  I hate the thought of not having you beside me, but I know you are with me in spirit.  The last time I saw you was on Valentine’s day and I remember thinking that you have my heart.   You have the most beautiful  soul and I am so honoured to have been your mommy.   Thank you for giving me the best years of my life and for loving me back unconditionally.  May you rest in peace my pretty girl and I cannot wait to see you at the bridge.  I love you.    

Rest in peace Kashmir

12 April 2004 – 15 February 2013

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