Boxer Rescue Quebec is a small group of volunteers dedicated saving and re-home boxers in need.  Since we were founded in 2003, we have rescued hundreds of boxers from Quebec's shelters.  Want to learn more?  See our available dogs, or learn about how you can make a difference by fostering a Boxer or donating to Boxer Rescue Quebec.
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Boxer Rescue Quebec News

Rest in peace darling Earl 


We recently lost a very dear BRQ boxer, Earl, loved by Kim and Brian. RIP Earl - you were one funny guy :0) Here is a little note that his mom Kim wrote about him:

Earl came to us as a foster with BRQ. The moment I walked through my door with him, he tried to chomp on one of my cats running by the door. I said uh oh, this is gonna be fun! We had a 14 y/o boxer mix, Roxy and a 5 y/o great dane, Moose at the time. Just a few hours after arriving home with him we had to rush Roxy to the vet. She became very ill extremely quick and we had to let her cross the rainbow bridge. Before she closed her eyes to sleep, it was like her eyes told me it was ok to have Earl take her physical place. Shortly after he came to us we learned he had a disease called Megaesophogus. After reading a little about it we decided he was meant to be with us, so we decided to adopt him. Although he was 9-10 y/o, he was the feistiest senior we had ever met! He did not mess around when it came to play time. He broke countless dishes, he bent pots and pans, cupboards, garbage bags...and not to mention the cuts he gave to brian from rough play! but we would take one look at him, and those big brown eyes and that little stump tail would wag and he sucked us right in and forgot about all the damage he just caused. As tough as he was he gave the sweetest kisses and was such a good cuddler! All the dogs he beat up and all the places we had to avoid with him, it made us love his cranky butt even more. It was not easy having a mega-e dog. A lot of work, sleepless nights, TONS of drool and plenty of vomit piles to clean up. However with all that work, Brian and I would do it all again. We grew to love him so much in the short year and a half we had him and we have such a big hole in our heart for him. The only peace of mind we get with him gone is knowing he isn't suffering anymore and he can eat and drink all he wants now! I love and miss this beautiful boxer so much and I so hope he's romping in the grass and eating all the chicken he wants!


Meet Rose 

Meet Rose. Not all of our rescues are from puppy mills or backyard breeders. Rose is from a show breeder and has champion bloodlines. Despite this, Rose has not led a happy and pampered life. Her first owner broke the contract with her breeder by giving her away when they no longer could care for her. When the second owner had no time for her, they gave her away once again. Her third owner put her up for sale on an online classified site, because they were in an apartment and could not have her barking anymore. This is where her breeder discovered her. The breeder contacted BRQ because they had no room to take her back in themselves. 
We were told that Rose has mild separation anxiety (totally normal for a young dog that has been moved three times in 2 years!) and was good with other dogs. Luckily we had a new foster home ready to take her in. When we got Rose in we discovered that she had been *severely* neglected. Our vet was appalled at how skinny she is, her nails are way overgrown and some were even split right up into her toes because no one had cared to keep them trimmed. The next thing we discovered is that Rose is actually not good with other dogs - this really put us in a difficult position because our only available foster home already has two dogs. After her evaluation with our canine behaviourists, Rose will be looking for a foster home with no other pets. Rose has not only been physically neglected but she is also a very nervous girl and needs to learn to trust humans again. Therefore we are also looking for a foster home with no young children, a foster home that has time to devote to rehabilitating Rose with the support of our professional positive reinforcement dog trainers. 
If you might be interested in helping Rose by fostering, or donating towards her care & training, please email us at

Very much in need of loving foster homes! 

Our need for foster homes is greater than ever - we have so many amazing boxers that need to be saved. If you have any interest at all, we'd be happy to answer questions. Or for more info please click here
. Because of a great new foster home - we were able to save Spyke in the photo above.

Ali Kat puppy is available for adoption! 

Meet Ali Kat. Ali will melt your heart with her sad eyes and cute little face. What can I say about Ali. She is the perfect dog. Ali is fantastic with kids, very friendly with dogs, loves her crate, is 100% toilet trained, sleeps through the night on a comfy, cozy bed is very affectionate and is all around super. She is a great size for someone that wants a lot of bark in a little package. Ali has Shepard in her and her bark, when people come to the door, let's you know it! Ali will do well in any environment and will bring joy and laughter to the lucky household that adopts her.Ali's Birthdate is June 1st, 2011. She is spayed, up to date on her shots and waiting for her forever family. Could you be the lucky one's?

Help save a boxer!

Sadly, many wonderful boxer dogs are abandoned in Quebec every year.  Save a life by adopting from Boxer Rescue Quebec.  To learn more, visit our adoption page.

*We are in urgent need of foster homes*.  
Foster homes make Boxer Rescue Quebec possible.  All our boxers are kept in the home of volunteers.   We provide all the necessary supplies and a crate.  You supply the love, care, and enthusiasm.  Learn more on our fostering page.

Unfortunately, many of our rescues come to us with serious (and expensive) health issues.  Help us help them by making a donation of any amount to Boxer Rescue Quebec.  100% of your donations will go to paying for the care of our foster dogs.  Visit our donate page to make your tax-deductible donation online.

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