Ashton & Sally

Ashton and Sally are a darling couple of boxer friends that were rescued from a terrible puppy mill. Although they came in to rescue together, they are not looking for a home together since the young and insecure Ashton can really get on Sally's nerves sometimes!

Ashton has stunning good looks on his side! He is certainly once of the most handsome boxers we have ever seen come into rescue. He is a large, flashy brindle, 2 yr old boy. He knows how to "Sit" and has a lot of playful energy. He needs a lot of socialization as well as a loving and structured environment to thrive in. His new family would ideally be experienced with big, boisterous dogs - and committed to helping Ashton understand the lovely world that was waiting for him outside the puppy mill walls. Ashton would love a job- training through positive reinforcement is something Ashton would greatly benefit from!

Sally is just a big bundle of love. She is the single most affectionate boxer girl we have ever had in rescue. It is as if she is constantly thanking us for getting her out of that mill! This girl just wants to be cuddled 24/7. She also knows how to "Sit". She is fawn, about 5 yrs old and the poor girl has been bred and bred...and bred. She is spayed now and will never again have to produce a litter of puppies for profit! Sally is looking for a home with no other dogs as she prefers to gobble up the attention all to herself! She needs a calm, loving and structured environment.

If you think you may be interested in Ashton or Sally,  please APPLY HERE.