"Hi there my name is Moose (although I used to be called Buddy my foster mom thought Moose was more fitting!) and I haven't had it easy! I was found as a stray dog roaming the streets in the June heat and brought to the SPCA. Then I caught a cold so I couldn't be adopted out, then I got depressed having to be in the shelter for so long - not too nice for a boxer of my age (apprx 7yrs). So BRQ was called in to help - and finally now I am looking for a family to love and spoil me rotten! I have settled into my foster home and I am a happy and well behaved boxer citizen." 

Moose is clean in the house and can stay alone with no problems for a full work day. He loves his walks almost as much as he loves cuddling with you on the couch. He is a very affectionate and loving boy! Moose will do anything for a treat and he is very easy to train. Moose has gone through three months of professional training to help him learn the social skills needed to get along with other dogs. He did amazing!! He is now being fostered in a home with three other dogs! We are so impressed with his ability to learn. He went from being a dog that could not see another dog when out on a walk - to being able to live in the same home with other dogs. Thank you so much to SIMPLY DOGS TRAINING for helping Moose! 

Moose is a great dog and needs your help - you see we have recently found out that the poor boy has arthritis in his spine. The good news is that he is able to be kept pain free on a very low dose of medication and live a normal boxer life.  Moose still loves his exercise - walking, running, playing and jumping and does not have pain. Boxer Rescue Quebec is able to supply his cortisone and cover the medical care for his condition FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE - but what Moose really needs is a home with a family to love him forever despite his condition. 

If you are interested in adopting Moose - please contact us.