Buster update from his foster mom:

We call him "Buster Brown from out-of-town" since we have no idea what his history is.  He is the most gentle, loving, friendly and adorable boy.  We know he is great with little ones, as he spent a week with an 18 month old and they say he was well behaved and gentle.  He just wants to curl up with you and be held and loved.  He will curl up on the sofa if you let him and curl up in bed with you too.  He is crate trained and goes in willingly with treats, but will complain for a few minutes when you leave him.  His life has probably been pretty scary the last few months, having been found wandering, then spending a month in a dog pound, another week with another family before finally joining Buddy in his current foster home.  Once consistency and routine are formed, he should start to feel more secure and settle very nicely.
He is bonding well with his foster brother, Buddy, playing tug-of-war with their rope, sharing toys and doing the boxer dance in the back yard.  To those unfamiliar with boxer play, it may sound like war, but to these two, it is pure fun and games!  He is very interested in the neighbors cats, but we don't know what he would be like with one on our side of the fence ! : )  He is neutered, has been vaccinated, de-wormed and heartworm tested.  We are guessing his age at about 6 years.  Overall, he is a quiet fella.  If it wasn't for Buddy bugging him to play, I suspect he would prefer to lounge around and sleep, eat and be petted and loved! He likes to walk and doesn't pull.  His preference is to take it easy and smell all the smells.  He doesn't like being yelled at and by the way, he reacts to newspaper, was possibly disciplined with a rolled newspaper?  He needs gentle, loving care and understanding.  If you think you could love this adorable boy and give him a forever home for the rest of his life, please APPLY HERE.