CASSY BEFORE - October 20th 2012

CASSY AFTER - November 19 2012

Cassy's Story:

A very sweet five year old boxer girl has sadly been surrendered to Boxer Rescue Quebec.  The family was struggling with trying to cope with her allergies, having her tested, changing her dog food and giving her over half a dozen anitbiotics and medications.  To no avail as Cassy was going through another painful relapse.    She scratched so hard she tore open the side of her face, had sores all over her body and rashes and severe itching.
Cassy arrived at her foster home on Oct 30th, the day after coming into BRQ and visiting the BRQ vet. Her diagnosis - severe dermatis. Likely problem - food allergy and/or seasonal allergies. 
In light of the many recalls of kibble (commerical dog food), and the fact that many boxers are allergy prone, we at BRQ, have become open to other methods of handling nutrition with our own dogs.  We are researching raw dog food diets and homemade dog food diets.  We have placed Cassy on a raw diet in the hopes of eliminating any allergens.  For several months she will have only one specific protein.  Based on how she does on this one protein, new foods can be introduced one at a time and she will be watched to see how she reacts. Cassy is also currently on some antibiotics to help clear up her skin infection caused by scratching. 
After almost three weeks in her foster home, we are glad to say she is doing super fantastic.  The infected and open wounds have healed. Where there was raw skin and bleeding, the skin is smooth and has healed, and hair is growing back.  On her chest, she was raw and red.  In her picture you can see a little patch of white hair growing in.  Her itching is much better. Her new diet seems to agree with her but time will only tell. 

She is living with 3 boxer brothers who she plays with and shares space with very well.  The youngest of her playmates, Buddy, is her favorite.  They run like crazy all over the large backyard and chase each other and play hard.  Her first week she was kept separate so her wounds and skin could heal.  Then she slowly came to meet her foster friends as we didn't want them unintentionally hurting her in her sensitive state.  What a surprise when she was the one looking to play and romp!  
Cassy will need a home that may have to deal with allergies for the rest of her life.  There may be some restrictions - such as she is never to have kibble.  It's possible she may always have to be on a raw or homemade diet.  Other than that she is a loving and adorable sweatheart.  Loves to play, cuddle and loves attention. She can stay home alone loose in the house with no problems, has great energy, good manners (for a boxer!), great with children. 

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