Gus is a large, beautiful classic fawn boxer boy. We're sad to say that his story is unknown - he was a stray and never claimed. He made the rounds at a couple of shelters before facing euthanasia. When we heard about this charming guy facing certain death we went to get him right away! Gus is approximately 4yrs old, and has been vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested and neutered. He's a healthy guy and ready to find a home that will love him for what he is - a big lug at 70lbs! He does have some arthritis in his back legs but that does not stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. 

Gus  loves people and is very affectionate. There's nothing he loves more than hanging out in the backyard while his foster parents do yardwork. He rolls around and scratches his back in the grass, follows the lawn tractor for a bit, then lounges in the sunshine and takes it all in. He's happy to be alive! Gus also enjoys the company of other well-socialized dogs and while in foster care, has become best buddies with 2 other male boxers. He is not socialized to cats so must be placed in a home with no cats.

Our dear Gus is strong like a bull and can pull on leash when excited. We're happy to report though that he responds very well to training and is very food motivated. He knows his basic commands and is a quick learner! 

Gus likes to cuddle and play with toys. He can be crated when left alone - he goes into his crate very willingly for all meals, or for a cookie - and especially for a Kong stuffed with peanut butter!!

If you think you might be the right family for Gus - please fill out our application HERE