BRQ gives thanks on Thanksgiving!

Boxer Rescue Quebec would like to take the opportunity this Thanksgiving to thank everyone who comes together to save these special dogs.

Thank you to our foster homes who give their hearts to their temporary (and sometimes not so temporary!) furry family members. Thank you to our volunteers who take the time out of their busy personal lives to interview potential families, organize fundraisers, drive our dogs to their vet appointments and hold their paws when they get a needle! Thank you to BRQ adopters who give our boxers a second chance at life. Thank you to our families who support us in our cause, don't complain when we miss a special dinner because we have to go pick up a dog at the last minute - and our parents & siblings who even take in a foster dog themselves sometimes! Thank you to the Hudson Veterinary Hospital for the great care they give to our boxers.

And this brings me to our special thank you - Thank you to everyone who helped us this past summer with our darling Pearl. Whether it was help through donations, fostering, or moral support. Pearl is doing amazing with her new mom, Pat, and her new boxer brother Archie, and BRQ boxer sister, Bindi. She now weighs a healthy 37lbs and has recovered from her emergency surgery. She loves to run, to wrestle and is enjoying life on a horse farm! With your help we were able to raise apprx $2500 which helped us to cover the majority of her vet expenses.

We could not have done it without you - thank you.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy it and save some turkey for your furry friends!

Boxer wiggles and kisses to you all!

Crystal, Julie, Paulo

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