Moose aka "Buddy" in need of a soft place to rest his head


Moose - formerly "Buddy" -  has gone through two months of professional training to help him learn the social skills needed to get along with other dogs. He did amazing!! He is now being fostered in a home with three other dogs! We are so impressed with his ability to learn. He went from being a dog that could not see another dog when out on a walk - to being able to live in the same home with other dogs. Thank you so much to SIMPLY DOGS TRAINING for helping Buddy! 

Please note that Buddy is still looking for a foster or forever home - although Buddy is well behaved and doing great - four dogs is a lot of work for his foster mom.  He would do best in a home with very social and relaxed dogs. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Buddy - please contact us.

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