Please help us stop this puppy mill owner from getting her dogs back!

Boxer Rescue Quebec is currently fostering boxers from a puppy mill seizure in St Lin Quebec. Ths puppy mill owner, Carole Lapalme, is pleading not guilty and wants her dogs back! Carole Lepalme is requesting that the dogs be returned to her. We are bringing this to your attention because something has to be done to stop this. Do not allow these dogs to be put back under the care of this inhumane person. Carole Lapalme was known to the SPCA and has had other offences. For more information visit our other website here !  Sign our petition and find out how to be a part of our demonstration by emailing us.

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  • B Shin
    B Shin
    What was the outcome of this case?

    What was the outcome of this case?

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