Tigger would love to find a forever family!

Tigger is a dream!  He came to BRQ when his elderly owner fell ill and could no longer care for him.  He’s been with me for a week now and has adapted incredibly well.  He has very good manners – doesn’t surf the counters, doesn’t get into the garbage, doesn’t drink from the toilet, doesn’t go on the furniture, and so far, hasn’t jumped on my guests.  He’s already learned not to pull me on walks.  He’s super happy to see me when I come home and will follow me around the house, wanting to partake in whatever I am doing.  He often curls up at my feet when I’m working on the computer or reading.  He’s afraid of large *things* (it’s pretty random, but so far these have been big panel vans, ladders, and neighborhood mailboxes.... but thankfully not the vaccum!) and sudden, loud noises (trucks, buses, the garbage disposal for example) so I think a quieter home would be best for him, but he can definitely be with other dogs and probably would like to be as well (he gets along great with my guys).   He might be an older dog, but he has a lot of spunk!!  He’s definitely going to make someone very happy! Smile

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