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Leyla came To the SPCALL in December 2007 because she was scheduled for euthanasia at a pound who had picked her up as a stray. She was very very skinny and not in the best of health. She was treated for parasites, and a persistent diareah. It took a while but she responded well to the treatments and started to gain weight. She had an intact tail that we had to amputate in January 2008 because she had broken the end so many times that it just would not heal, and it started to infect. Leyla was doing great and she was adopted. We were so happy, she was finally going to have a home, where some one wanted her as a companion, not as a money making machine (we suspect that leyla has had many many litters of puppy's ), but shortly after the adoption the new owner called us to say that leyla seemed to be incontinent.

Leyla started taking medication to try to correct the problem, but so far nothing has worked.

The person who adopted Leyla brought her back to the shelter because she finds it to hard to deal with this issue. Leyla needs someone who is at home all day so that so she can be let out often. Could that person be you?