Just over five years ago, I contacted Boxer Rescue and was told about a 7 year old girl named Maggie. Maggie had a number of issues inlcuding hairloss (possible seasonal alopecia), ectopic silia (ingrown eyelashes) and a rash on her arms that might be food allergies. I knew that this was the girl for me. When I went to pick her up, this squat tank of a girl with no tail (not even a nubbin) came barreling towards me. I came prepared with liver treats in my pocket and it was an instant connection. I looked at her massive size and thought, what have I gotten myself into. When I got her home, she climbed up on the couch and went to sleep, obviously taking her position in the family as Queen Maggie. For five years, our world revolved around Maggie. She was the perfect partner. She protected us with devotion. She helped my son get over his phobia of germs by covering him in sweet boxer kisses. She comforted us when we were sad and she calmed us when we were angry. As a single parent, I trusted her with my son and knew that no harm would come to him with her around.
Maggie made us laugh with her rhinocerous like canter. She would throw herself on her back mid stride and roll around with feet flailing in the air. She wiped her eyes and mouth on my suit pants and sneezed in our faces. All of these things just made us love her more.
Approximately four to five weeks ago, she was found to have several egg sized tumors in her lungs. She became a very picky eater but she still loved to go outside and run around in typical Maggie fashion. I took this as a good sign but one day she just seemed to be in pain and I promised that I would never let her suffer. After all the love she had given to me and Jonas, I had to offer her the same respect and let her go with dignity. On November 20th, 2009, we said good-bye to our baby one last time. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I would give anything to have her back in my lap. Despite the pain, and through the tears, I am eternally grateful to Crystal, boxer rescue and especially to Maggie for the very best friend a girl could have. She will forever be in my heart. I love you dearly my angel Maggie.
-Alana Wade