Hi Crystal

I hope this email finds you well and things at BRQ are going great. Unfortunately I have some very sad news to share, since BRQ was the reason for our many years of happiness, I wanted to inform you of our tragic news.

This past Sunday our baby girl Rosie ended her battle with a degenerative spine disease which left her in tremendous pain. She fought courageously for over a month, unfortunately her condition deteriorated quickly and the pain was unbearable. She took her last breath in the comfort of her daddy's arms at 3:30am Sunday November 8, 2009. Rosie was a gentle and loving member of our family and a very best friend to our two and half year old son Liam.

When we adopted Rosie back in November 2005, we were told that her previous owners gave her up because she was nervous and uneasy around their newborn, in our case this couldn't have been further from the truth. She welcomed our son with open paws and loved him as if he were her own. She was always attentive and tender in his presence. We always knew that she was given up for selfish reasons, and the birth of our son proved our suspicions. Our beautiful Rosie was amazing towards our son and continued to be so even in her final days. She was the type of dog you dream of, we cherish every moment we had with her, our only regret is that we couldn't have her in our lives longer. Rosie was an amazing soul that we loved unconditionally. We will always and forever love her, she is permanently in our hearts. This is an extremely difficult time for our family, the only comfort we have is that she in a better place now. We will always love you Rosie.

Here are our favourite pictures of Rosie. She meant the world to us and we just wanted others to now how wonderful she was.

Maggie, Conor, Liam and Atos