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Well where do we start? Our sweet, sweet Scout was dropped off at the pound because "He has too much energy." Of course he does - he is an 11 month old boxer puppy!!!! If you are looking for a low key, lazy breed - a boxer is not for you. Scout loves to run, jump, play and he loves life every second of the day. He is a smart boy and learns quickly. He knows basic commands, is crate trained, loves other dogs, and pulls on leash - he is just a baby after all!!

Now for the not so fun part. The pound did not put our poor Scout up for adoption - he was going to be euthanised - because he has a heart murmur. It is quite a serious one - a grade 4 on a scale of 6 being the worst. Even so, Scout does not know there is anything "wrong" with him. He needs a family that is willing to love him and make him happy regardless of this issue. BRQ and our vet team are currently looking into this and will have more information soon. On top of this, Scout needs corrective eye surgery, which BRQ will have to have done. You see, the poor guy's eye lids are turned inwards, constantly irritating his eyes. Not a nice feeling!

Scout longs for the day he can just chill out with a real family and lounge on their couch, getting cuddles. We hope this comes soon. He deserves it more than anyone.

If you have any questions at all or might be interested in adopting Scout, please email us here.