May 2006 we chose Casper to join our family. We had been looking for some time for a companion for Riggs (f), our then 9 year old brindle, also rescued. At first Casper thought he should be Alfa dog, but within days it was pretty obvious who was in charge even though Casper was quite a bit taller and weighed more! At first he was so well “trained” that we couldn’t get him to play on the grass – but with voice commands, patience and Riggs encouragement, he learned to play games, walk in the park, and let all of his goofiness show! When he had his first snow fall with us he was afraid to walk outside, Riggs would have none of that and literally pulled him into it! Casper shared everything with Riggs – she could sleep in our room at night, but daytime was his! He gained a fan club among our neighbours who watched him develop into a trusting and sweet natured boy.  Suddenly without any warning signs, Casper went from drooling at the sight of food to not eating. For two weeks we took him to our vet almost daily and to pet hospital for the weekend, but our lovely boy was quite sick and died.  We will miss Casper, and are thankful for the time we had with him – for the laughs, frustrations and the love.