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Puppy mills and backyard breeders breed unhealthy, neglected animals in poor conditions for the sole purpose of making a profit. They supply pet stores - even large chain pet stores, and they sell their puppies in newspaper ads. They ship their puppies all over the country and even to the US to be sold in pet stores to just anybody. They do not care where these pups end up, they just want the $$$.

Many of the poor animals are kept in unsanitary conditions, in cages that are too small for them and they do not receive proper veterinary care. The puppies are under socialized, leave their mothers at too young an age(which can lead to many health and behaviour problems), the parents do not get the proper health or temperament testing. The females are bred right after their first heat, when they themselves are still puppies, and they are continuously bred until they are elderly and/or can no longer produce. They never see the inside of a home or know the love of a human.

Do not be fooled, although most puppy mills and backyard breeders are easy to pick out, there are still some that try to pass themselves off as reputable breeders. And even if the conditions are not as poor as the previous paragraph mentioned, these people are no better. They sell puppies whose parents have not been tested for genetic disease or other problems. They are still in it for the money. Purchasing a puppy from these people will cost you a lot more money in problems than you bargained for.

We are asking you - please do not support puppy mills. By purchasing a puppy at a pet store, you are creating a demand. The puppy mill then breeds more pups to feed that demand. It is a vicious circle. Do not be a paert of it. See what a puppy mill looks like here  Or you could buy a loving puppy from a reputable breeder (saving money on vet bills) or adopt a wonderful puppy/dog from a rescue (and help with the overpopulation of dogs in shelters while saving a life!).

This is Quebec's major problem; because of poor animal rights laws in our province, these puppy mills and backyard breeders do very well here. They even move here from other provinces/countries to set up their commercial breeding programs. They pump out thousands of puppies a year. The SPCA estimates that there are between 1200-1800 puppy mills in Quebec at this point. They produce 400 000 puppies a year!! Did you know that in Quebec alone, 500 000 animals a year are abandoned? Do you see the problem here?

We are in the middle of an animal over popualtion crises. There are things you can do to help.

1)DO NOT BUY ANY ANIMAL FROM A PET STORE. These animals are ALWAYS from puppy mills, backyard breeders etc. No good dog breeder would ever send their puppies to pet stores to be sold to strangers and never heard from again. No matter how cute that puupy in the window is, please do not support these people. If we stop purchasing, there will no longer be a need to supply and we can put these people out of business.

2)BUY YOUR PET SUPPLIES FROM PET *SUPPLY* STORES. Do not support stores that sell animals.

3)ADOPT A DOG FROM A RESCUE OR SHELTER. These dogs need homes just as much as any other dog. Usually they are in rescue through no fault of their own. Most common reasons are moving, allergies, divorce, job/lifestyle change. By adopting you are doing your part to help.

4)SPAY/NEUTER!!!! Trust us, you are not doing your pet any favors by letting them keep their "parts". There are many health benefits to sterilizing your pet; Spaying your female dog reduces the risk of mammary tumors, uterine and ovarian cancer. Neutering your male dog prevents testicular tumors and certain diseases of the prostate. And spaying/neutering does not make your dog fat and/or lazy. That's an old wives' tale.

5)AND IF YOU STILL WANT A PUPPY.. Find a reputable breeder. Start by going to the national breed club website for your breed of choice. For example . They will have a list of REGISTERED breeders by province. If they do not, then you can email them and ask them for one. This does not mean that the breeder is great just because he is registered, but it is a start. Here is a list of prerequisites that you should have for your breeder:

A) Registered with Canadian Kennel Club and their national breed club (for example Boxer Club of Canada).


B) They do all necessary health testing and screening for genetic defects. And will show you the proof on paper!!!


C)They will provide you with a written health guarantee that covers any genetic or congenital conditions.


D) They require you in their contract, to spay/neuter your new dog. Unless you are going to show your dog in conformation.


E) They ask you a billion personal questions! Purchasing a puppy from a responsible breeder is like adopting a child. They want to make sure their babies are going to super homes. If they don't care then there is a problem.

F) They have only one, maybe two breeds available. They do not have puppies available year round!

G) They will not place the puppy in a home before 8 weeks of age.


H) They will take back a puppy/dog at anytime during his life and should require you to return him to them if you cannot keep him for any reason.

I) The breed to BETTER the breed. Not to make $$$$.

These are the MINIMUM requirements of a reputable breeder.

If you would like more info on puppymills, go to .

If you have any more questions about adopting a rescue dog please contact us.