Fostering for Boxer Rescue Quebec

Boxer Rescue Quebec is always in need of foster homes for the rescues we take in. We are not a shelter and without you, the general public, we cannot survive and help these dogs. The more foster homes we have, the more Boxers we can save. Our current foster homes are busy with their own fosters and sadly, without more available foster homes, other Boxers who need us will not be able to get their chance at a better life. Boxer Rescue Quebec needs your help.

It takes both dedication and compassion to act as a foster home. It takes a person who holds this cause close at heart, someone who is willing to help a rescue heal from the scars of his past.

Here is what fostering involves:

A foster home should provide a crate (or a babygated safe area) and other necessary regular dog equipment (bowls, toys etc). However, should they not have a crate, arrangements can be made with us to borrow one.

A foster home is responsible for establishing a routine with the rescue, helping with positive training and manners, helping to socialize the dog in different situations and helping the rescue blossom in a regular home life through love, exercise, play, social interaction etc. If the rescue has a medical issue, the foster home is expected to provide the care needed and administer the necessary medications.

A foster home is expected to be able to determine whether a rescue is prone to separation distress, and whether they feel the dog is adjusting well in the home. They are expected to be able to provide a description of the dog's personality and what circumstances they feel might be best for the dog when he leaves to go to his permanent home. While being fostered we determine if the dog will be able to live with other dogs, cats and children.

A foster home is expected to fill out a foster report card once they have gotten to know the dog a little, so that we may keep up with the rescue's progress and adress incoming inquiries about the rescue

Boxer Rescue Quebec is responsible for all veterinary expenses. We ask the foster home to provide the food for their foster but under special conditions, alternate arrangements can be made.

Boxer Rescue Quebec provides constant support to all the foster families throughout the entire foster period.

Fostering takes work and dedication. However, there is nothing more rewarding than to save a dog, provide him with the care, love and attention he never had, and watch him blossom into the dog he was meant to be. Each time this happens, it is because a special person like you, took the time to care.

Applying to become a foster home

To apply,  please fill out our foster home
application. A BRQ volunteer will contact you by email within a week's time of receiving your application to set up a phone interview and home visit. Our foster application procedures are explained here.