*BRQ would like to sincerely thank our dear volunteer, Joanne Hine, who cared for Mr Wiggles during his last few months. Needless to say it was heartwrenching for her to say goodbye but without her and volunteers like her these special dogs would not ever know the love that they deserve. So thank you Joanne! Mr Wiggles loved you right back and he will be with you always.*

Mr. Wiggles came into BRQ on March 25th, 2010 as Tiger. He was 8 years old, skinny, full of ulcers in his mouth and still fully intact (if you know what I mean!). Thinking I was just to pick him up and transport him to the vet to be neutered, he came home with me on a round of antibiotics and instructions for him to gain 10 pounds before he could be neutered. He quickly found a place in our family of kids and dogs and settled in quite nicely.

Mr. wiggles loved to play ball. He would spend hours tossing it up in the air, catching it and fetching. He loved zipping around the yard with the other dogs and play fighting with Roo on the sofa. He thought he was a lap dog and insisted on lying right across you when watching tv! I was glad when he put on a few pounds and his bones didn't stick into me as much!

After almost 2 months with me and almost on his way to a great Boxer loving home, Mr. Wiggles had a seizure. That same evening he had another one. Mr. Wiggles went on meds right away but things seemed to go down hill from there.

Mr. Wiggles spent another 7 weeks with us until it was decided that because of his deteriorating health, we were going to have to put him down.

He left home with Crystal on Thursday, July 8th and went up to heaven.

I will remember him as the loving, playful Mr. Wiggles and keep a place for him in my heart always.
He will always be my "Bon Chien".