A tribute to Charlie

Charlie 1995-2006

Last week, our friends Karin & Leigh lost their dear Boxer rescue boy, Charlie. We will always remember Charlie for the charming and spunky boy he truly was. We would like to send a very special acknowledgement to Karin & Leigh who took in this rescue boy as a senior & gave him the best year of his life. He could not have had a better mom and dad. We all know that with Karin & Leigh, Charlie was truly loved & truly happy.

Karin & Leigh would like to share some of the life lessons that Charlie has taught them during his time with them:
"live in the moment,"
"stop to smell the flowers,"
"eat a bit of grass each day,"
"rabbits are for chasing,"
"always greet you friends with a big smile,"
"start each day with the expectation that it's going to be a wonderful day,"
"get outside as much as you can,"
"when someone is cooking, hang out in the kitchen, you never know what good things you'll get to eat" 

We love you Charlie