Chaya - courtesy listing

‘Chaya.’ Courtesy Listing - please contact Chaya's owner if interested: 

Sandie Wand

Chaya is a 3 yr old fawn female (spayed) boxer. She is a very small boxer, only around 40 lbs. She is very friendly. I adopted her 1.5 yrs ago because she needed a home asap - I was her 5th home in less than 1 year. She is originally a puppy mill dog, bought in pet store, then put in boarding at the age of 8 months, and the owners did not come back for her. 

She does well with soft, positive training techniques, treats and patience. Once she knows something, she knows it! She looooves her ball! 

She is an anxious dog, nervous of strangers at first, but if she is given the chance to smell them, then she is ok, and once she knows you...all bets are off! She will lick you to death! If you are home with her: no house soiling. When not there: she can hold it up to 4 -6 hours and stays in her crate. When home with her, she’ll ask for the door when she needs to go. 

Chaya has a sensitive tummy, I currently feed her Acana, also had her on Eagle Pack and she did very well. She has done very well on a good balanced raw diet.

She would do best in a home with no dogs or a small-med quiet dog that respects her space. Because of her anxiousness, she does best with calm and social dogs. I have 3 cats at home and she is ok with them.

She sleeps with me, and can’t be cuddled enough!!! She will move with me to make sure she is always cuddled. She NEEDS human contact, and lots of it!

With humans she does not protect food or anything, but does protect her food from other dogs. So I feed my dogs separately. I can prepare the food and have them both sitting right next to each other, I can give them treats one next to each other. She doesn’t protect toys, bowls, beds.