Update on darling Abby from her awesome parents, Joe and Moira.

Hello Boxer Rescue,
This is Abby and I thought I should bring you up to date on my life. You can probably guess I can’t type so I am dictating this to Joe, my new man-parent, and he is typing it for me.
It is exactly two months since I came here (April 21) and I want you to know that my new parents are treating me very well. There are two cats living here and sometimes they hiss at me but I will win them over in time. These people feed me very well and I am now a trim, but muscular, 58 pounds. You would be surprised to see that my ribs no longer stick out from under my skin. Here, take a look.
I have a beautiful bed where I sleep at night, right beside my parents. The woman-parent, Moira, lets me get into the people-bed every morning after she gets up and then I cuddle up with Joe until she leaves. She also lets me up on the couch; you will remember how much I love that. I have heard them telling other humans how pretty I am. We all know that’s the truth
but it is still nice to hear it from them.
There are parks nearby where I walk every day with Joe. At first I stayed on the lead and that was fine with me; I don’t like to be alone. Now, however, I am allowed to run free. At the start of our walks I do a big Boxer burn in the park but then I come back and walk right beside Joe. I don’t want to lose him.
I have decided to keep Joe and Moira and to let them live with me in this new home. I miss you but I am very happy here so do not worry about me. So thanks to all the BRQ people who were concerned with my welfare. I will never forget you and Joe will post the odd photo on the BRQ Facebook from time to time.
Boxer wiggles to all,

Abby before:

Abby now!!!

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  • Brenda
    Abby you sure are beautiful..I'm glad you are in a happy home!!!!!

    Abby you sure are beautiful..I'm glad you are in a happy home!!!!!

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